All white living room with sheer white drapes


Innovative Quality Design

Modern bedroom with drapes on folding terrace doors


Innovative Quality Design

Modern Scandinavian living room interior with beautiful curtains


Innovative Quality Design

Innovative Quality Design

Ricardo specializes in the expert craftsmanship of curtains, shades, and other home textile products. Designed with a custom look and feel, we create premium window designs for a wide spectrum of customers, from interior designers and commercial projects to online and in-store consumers. Our team would love to help you refine and elevate your favorite spaces.

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Lime Portable Blackout Curtains

Lime Portable Blackout Curtains

Darken any room in seconds. No hardware needed

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Redefining Spaces


These curtains are stunning! A photo does not do them justice. They have a nice golden color and look very sophisticated. They are a bit on the heavier side but not too much. Just the right weight and quality to block out all sunlight if needed. My daughter stole them to use as her favorite new blanket 'this is the softest curtain ever!'

New York

I am loving the quality of these curtains! The fabric drapes beautifully and the color is so rich. Not to mention the superb customer service. I highly recommend this product. 

New Jersey

I finally found some curtains that fit my windows. Thank you for making them. I love them! 


The Lime Portable is such a great product. It’s been amazing for me and my newborn on the go. It’s so convenient. Such great quality also. I absolutely love it so much!


This curtain is exquisite! Rich, deep blue, silky velvet, satin lined with wide tabs to hold the weight. This curtain is super heavy. It will not only block out the light, but for us notherner's, it will keep out the cold drafts as well. Highly recommend! 


This is a great patio door curtain for several reasons. The first and most important aspect is that it just looks really good. It is a great color and the build quality is sturdy. It really adds to the room that it is in, and becomes a focus piece. It lets a good amount of natural light into the room, but still gives you privacy as well. I found it to be a good balance. It was easy to install, and I actually really liked that it came as a single panel. This way, there is no seam in the middle of two panels. Overall, I am just very pleased. It is everything I could expect from a great patio door panel.


This curtains are beautifully made and compliment any room in your home. They are built with good quality materials. The fabric is higher quality and drapes better than others curtains that I've tried. They add luxury to any room.


As a person who travels a lot these blackout curtains are the bomb. I love that they have their own travel bag and I can hang them anywhere. On my bus, in a hotel room, etc. They're super easy to hang with the Velcro suction cups. These things are amazing and very travel Friendly. They're inexpensive and block out the sun perfectly, which in my line of work is a must.

the traveler
New York, NY